Willkommen bei der ACC Flug Fotogalerie.
Hier findet Ihr viele schöne Fotos rund um die Flüge der ACC. Hierzu gehören Flüge die wir als Ausflüge der ACC oder im Kundenauftrag durchgeführt haben.
Viel Spaß bei der Ansicht der Bilder.


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Neben dem Enthusiasmus für den Luftsport gehört die Begeisterung für die Fotografie zu einer meiner Leidenschaften. Was liegt näher als beide Themen miteinander zu verbinden.
Während der Rundflüge mit unseren Kunden entstehen viele schöne Bilder die dokumentieren wie schön sich beide Themen verknüpfen lassen.

Top-Galerien und -Sammlungen

2013 03 Flug nach Sylt

Besucher 165
78 Fotos
Erstellt 28-Mar-13
Geändert 28-Mar-13
2013 03 Flug nach Sylt

ACC auf der AERO 2013

Besucher 73
30 Fotos
Erstellt 19-May-22
Geändert 19-May-22
ACC auf der AERO 2013

ACC Borkum 2013 - 05 -01

Besucher 152
42 Artikel
Erstellt 9-May-13
Geändert 9-May-13
ACC Borkum 2013 - 05 -01

ACC Besuch von Old Warden 2013

Besucher 292
115 Fotos
Erstellt 23-Aug-13
Geändert 23-Aug-13
ACC Besuch von Old Warden 2013

TAB BBQ 2013

Besucher 25
64 Fotos
Erstellt 23-Aug-13
Geändert 23-Aug-13
TAB BBQ 2013

AG Fliegen FvS ACC

Besucher 4
23 Fotos
Erstellt 13-Oct-13
Geändert 13-Oct-13
AG Fliegen FvS ACC

2013 Ungarn

Besucher 129
87 Fotos
Erstellt 20-Oct-19
Geändert 20-Oct-19
2013 Ungarn

ACC Taufe D-EQCC 2011

Besucher 183
98 Fotos
Erstellt 22-Oct-19
Geändert 22-Oct-19
ACC Taufe D-EQCC 2011

2011 09 15 Rügen

Besucher 4
343 Fotos
Erstellt 3-Dec-17
Geändert 3-Dec-17
2011 09 15 Rügen

NFV#06 2014 Okinawa

Besucher 36
118 Fotos
Erstellt 2-Mar-15
Geändert 2-Mar-15
NFV#06 2014 Okinawa

2014 NGMN 5G Bonn

Besucher 12
27 Fotos
Erstellt 15-Jun-14
Geändert 15-Jun-14
2014 NGMN 5G Bonn

NFV #07 2014 Santa Clara

Besucher 47
98 Fotos
Erstellt 5-Aug-14
Geändert 5-Aug-14
NFV #07 2014 Santa Clara

Kanata DV 20

Besucher 55
11 Fotos
Erstellt 25-Dec-20
Geändert 25-Dec-20
Kanata DV 20

D-EQCC Aquila A210

Besucher 76
9 Fotos
Erstellt 22-Oct-19
Geändert 22-Oct-19
D-EQCC Aquila A210

ACC Film

Besucher 76
1 Videos
Erstellt 20-Oct-19
Geändert 20-Oct-19

10685 Fotos, 6 Videos
Besucher 2869

Gästebuch für Klaus Martiny ACC Flug
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Even if you don't like someone on your own team, you will need to get along with everyone on your own team in the interests of your team's good results. In case you are identified to be argumentative or a issues starter, you are the one that will likely be kicked off of the staff. Play nice go along.

When working on improving on your own being a basketball player, remember that the sole thing you really can't alter is the elevation. It is possible to make positive changes to diet plan to shed or put on weight, and coach to develop your own muscles up. You may also work with a instructor to boost your rate and expertise. If anything, elevation must be your only handicap.

Never be the stereotype. Frequently people see soccer players as jocks with number of brain cells. Everybody know that's far away from the facts. Football operates every aspect of your identiity. The mind must be as nimble as the feet. So don't perform to this silly stereotype. Present people that players master all facets of life.

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An incredible football suggestion would be to observe the tapes of your group you're intending to perform prior to deciding to enjoy them. Studying through to your challenger will assist you to significantly since it allows you to see the types of has and formations they prefer. Possessing this knowledge can help you type a greater strike plan.

Be wise when playing safeguard. Don't try and just out-muscles the offense. Be mindful of runners who may well appear like they can be downward, simply to obtain them blow by you. Also keep an eye out for fumbles and yell out "Golf ball" whenever they take place. This offers your fellow defenders the opportunity to obtain the ball.

If you process, try messing around with both feet. Most people love one particular feet or the other and it also requires process to learn to use each. When you focus on your weaker ft ., you will see remarkable changes in form, stableness and quickness. Strike the basketball continuously from a wall to strengthen your less strong foot.

An incredible hint to remember if you're a runningback or recipient in soccer is usually to make sure you retain the ball close to your whole body always. Countless turnovers have transpired just because a gamer wasn't holding the baseball completely adequate, plus an opposition gamer just required a swat at it.

Follow through on the strike has to be provided more interest. The kicker's head has to be lower with eyeballs focused on the ft . in fact speak to the golf ball. The feet should speak to the bottom next from the tennis ball. This movements must be followed by using a immediate stick to-by way of instructed in the area that the golf ball is preferred to visit.

If you are running using the baseball, cradle it in close proximity to your body. Participants around the other crew will try to strip the soccer from you to definitely force a fumble. When the soccer ball is from your body, it is much simpler for that opposite crew to create a engage in on the ball.

Time has become to toughen oneself up. You will get the breeze knocked away from you, or even slightly injured. They are situations when you just need to wake up and have back into the game. Significant accidents like concussions are times when you need to jump off the field, even though.

Choose a specialist person who also shares your placement and initiate trying to them for suggestions. You probable can't ask them specifically, even though it by no means is painful to use, but you can see them perform and learn from their business. Watch their develop, have a look at interview about their training and gain knowledge from their performs.

If you wish to play just like a expert, view the benefits. This simply means viewing them on television, if they are enjoying or speaking about playing. You can even seek out videos of which on internet sites like Youtube . com or ESPN. This will help figure out what to do in different ways.

Several professional sports health professionals believe that eighty percent of functionality in the football field is immediately related to the standard of the player's diet plan. The most frequent suggestion is usually to stick to whole foods, rather than packaged versions. As an example, consume wholegrain grain breads as opposed to white colored, and choose stainlesss steel-reduce oats as opposed to refined oat meal with the dietary fiber taken out.

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